1 oktober 2023    
3:00 e m - 6:00 e m


Tjurbersgparken, Södermalm, Stockholm, Stockholm


Citizen of Sweden!

We stand today at a historic crossroads. The World Health Organization, WHO, which was once established to promote global health, is facing sweeping changes that may affect not only Sweden, but the entire world’s future as sovereign nations.

When an organization we trust to advise us about our health proposes to transform its position into one with legally binding power, we must ask ourselves – what does this mean for us? What does this mean for our future, our rights and our sovereignty?

The changes to the WHO constitution threaten to curtail the human rights we have fought for, risk forcing us to take medicines we did not consent to and limit our freedom of expression. It’s not just a matter of health anymore. It is a question of democracy, of freedom, of what we are as a nation.

We are not demonstrating today out of disgust for international cooperation, but out of a love and faith in our national sovereignty and our rights. We have to take a stand for what we believe. Because if we don’t do it now, when will we?

Sweden has always been known for being a forerunner, a country that protects democracy and human rights. Now it’s time we show the world that we still believe in these principles, especially given that Sweden, as one of the few countries in the beginning, stood up against unscientific restrictions, mouth protection and vaccine immunity as the only acceptable path.

Stand up together with us, for Sweden, for our sovereignty, for our human rights. On October 1 at 3 pm in Stockholm, let’s show the world together that we are ready to stand up for what we believe in!


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